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Thing A Week Uploads

2011-06-07 10:47:57 by Dawbarton

Inspired by "Still Alive" writer Jonathan Coulton I've been working on writing and recording a song a week for the past 6-7 Weeks now. As at the moment nobody but me's really hearing them before I try and gig with some of them over summer. I thought i may as well upload them to Newgrounds so what you guys think.

New Piece

2010-07-05 19:20:41 by Dawbarton

So after a couple of weeks waiting my first Music piece "March Til Suset" finaly made it through to the site, My next piece is nearly completed and should be uploaded in the next few days.


2010-06-15 13:52:33 by Dawbarton

Well after re-discovering this website a little while ago im determind contribute something to it.. and soon. Unfortunatly for me I have no talent for animating... cant get my head round it. So currently trying to get my hands on some audio software so i can start uploading stuff to the audio portal.